EZ Park builds car parks

EZ Park builds your above-ground car park, dismountable and expandable, for temporary or permanent use. Thanks to our modular parking garages, we have a financially attractive, tailor-made solution for every parking situation.

  • Zwijsen, Tilburg
    Zwijsen, Tilburg

    Voor de Gemeente Tilburg realiseren we de 6-laagse, bovengrondse parkeergarage aan het spoor bij entreegebied Zwijsen in de Spoorzone Tilburg.

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  • Plus Ultra, Wageningen
    Plus Ultra, Wageningen

    Just like the previously realized garage on the WUR campus, Plus Ultra has been given a beautiful, green appearance to preserve the green identity of the campus.

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  • Vanderlande, Veghel
    Vanderlande, Veghel

    We have realized the new five-storey car park on the existing Vanderlande parking lot. This has created space for the new office of Vanderlande.

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  • Van Rooi Meat, Helmond
    Van Rooi Meat, Helmond

    EZ Park has built the new parking garage for the employees of Van Rooi Meat in Helmond. The parking garage consists of four floors and even accommodates eighteen trucks on the ground floor.

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