CSR & Sustainability: vision and policy

EZ Park deals responsibly with people, the environment, energy and raw materials. We take our social responsibility and reduce our CO2 footprint. To this end, we apply a policy vision and policy objectives in the field of CSR and sustainability, which we have formulated as follows.


Within the broad construction and real estate sector, in which EZ Park is active, more and more value is attached to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We strive for continuous improvement in the field of the environment by consciously and efficiently dealing with raw and auxiliary materials and relevant (environmental) laws and regulations. EZ Park wants to develop further in the coming years, not only as a specialist in the services they provide, but also as a sustainable and socially responsible organization.

Personnel & Development

Taking social responsibility means not only caring for society, but also for our employees. These are the core of the organization. The quality of them is continuously tested and improved, if necessary or desired with training. The safety and well-being of them are paramount. Procedures have been drawn up for safe and healthy working, in which well-being is also a point of attention. We facilitate a total safety package for employees: all necessary personal protective equipment is available.

The structure of the workforce reflects the structure of society. For the positions to be filled, no distinction is made between male / female, young / old and / or ethnic origin. Where possible, office and outdoor functions are filled by people with a distance to the labor market or contracting companies from the social employment service. EZ Park also offers opportunities to students and trainees.
EZ Park wants to maintain the flexible shell of workers and equipment to be used, which consists of hired personnel and hiring machines. This makes it possible to respond quickly to fluctuating workloads. In order to let the hiring staff get used to the working methods as quickly as possible, we communicate clearly about the tasks and expectations. This gives them the opportunity to develop qualitatively.

Social initiatives

EZ Park has always been engaged in corporate social responsibility by, among other things, supporting social initiatives. To maintain our social responsibility, we are closely involved in society and a source of employment and development. We sponsor sports, cultural and social projects (even in Suriname!), Organize activities for children and give guest lectures in (higher) education.

CO2 Performance Ladder

EZ Park is constantly looking for new opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions as a result of its own operations and projects. EZ Park is certified in accordance with the CO2 Performance Ladder level 3: an instrument for communicating sustainability in the tendering process. This means that all energy flows within the company are transparent, it has been determined how CO2 emissions are reduced, pro-active internal and external communication about this and the organization actively participates in chain initiatives. With this certificate (h), clients recognize companies that take CO2 emission reduction seriously.

CO2 emissions policy

In addition to current efforts for sustainability, including the recycling and reuse of waste flows such as industrial, construction and demolition waste, EZ Park is also active in reducing CO2 emissions. For this, use is made of an environmentally responsible and well-maintained fleet, increasing the share of green energy, for example by installing solar panels, informing employees about "the new way of driving and turning" and "good housekeeping" at the office. In 2013, EZ Park started measuring its CO2 emissions. Subsequently, objectives were formulated periodically to reduce the CO2 footprint. For 2017 - 2019, the objective is to reduce CO2 emissions by 3%, both in scope I and II. This is an absolute saving of 112.5 tons of CO2. This target was already amply achieved in 2017: CO2 emissions per employee have decreased by more than 13% in scope I (which includes almost 94% of our CO2 emissions) since 2016. In our CO2 Emission Inventory and the Energy Management Action Plan, which are published on this website, all exact data can be viewed regarding our total CO2 consumption and our plans to reduce it.

Transport emissions

The CO2 emissions are largely caused by the fuel consumption of vehicles and equipment, so it amounts to more than 90% of the total CO2 footprint. EZ Park has taken a number of measures to reduce this: renewal of the machinery with environmentally responsible vehicles and equipment, minimum Euro-5 or 6 standard, maximum C-label or electric; drivers and employees with a company car follow the training "new driving and turning"; periodically checking the tire pressure; the fleet is equipped with a GPS system to optimize transport movements. Using this system, the planning limits the percentage of “empty journeys”.

What have we already achieved?

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