EZ Park builds modular above-ground car parks. This enables us to realize your parking garage quickly, sustainably and without inconvenience to you and your surroundings. Would you like to know which parking solution best suits your parking problem? We can discuss it with you today.

When you choose an above-ground car park, you choose wisely. Because an above-ground garage can be set up flexibly, can be used temporarily and can even be reused. This means that your chosen module can grow with your organisation, or move to your new business location.

EZ Park has the following types of parking garages:

Parkeergarage-type-A-hellingbaan-buiten Garage type A
External ramp
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Parkeergarage-type-B-interne-hellingbaan Garage type B
Internal ramp
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Parkeergarage-type-C-interne-hellingbaan Garage type C
Internal ramp with ramp parking
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Parkeergarage-type-D-wokkel Garage type D
Spiral ramp
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Based on one of the modules, we design a parking garage that exactly matches your parking needs, now and in the future. We also ensure that the parking garage fits in with its surroundings and location. We never lose sight of the customer: an EZ Park parking garage offers optimum parking comfort and safety for your employees, your customers and other users.

If desired, we can assist you with the financing of your parking garage. We can also support you in the often complex licensing process. During the actual construction phase, we realize your parking garage exactly according to the design and within the agreed time frame. It is also good to know that we can realize your parking garage for you cost-efficiently due to the modular aspect and our effective working method.

We can also support you after completion, for example in the management and operation of the car park. So you can count on us permanently.