Parking garages are an essential part of urban areas. There is a growing demand for parking facilities, but little available space. The above-ground parking garage is the ideal solution for (small) locations where large parking capacity is required. The above-ground parking garage is financially attractive and has a short construction period. The appearance can be perfectly matched to your wishes and the location.

The following systems are used in above-ground car parks:
• The flat-floor garage
• The ramp garage
• The split-level garage


The flat-floor garage
This type of parking garage consists of the desired number of horizontal floors that are connected to each other by ramps. The ramps can be either internally or externally located. External ramps are straight or spiral-shaped. A flat floor garage offers great parking comfort.

The ramp garage
In a ramp garage, the floors lie under a ramp parallel to the lane. The parking ramp is used to bridge the height differences between the floors and also as parking space. The parking spaces are perpendicular to the slope. Combinations of a ramp garage and a flat-floor garage are also possible.

Split-level garage
A split-level garage has flat floors that are each half a floor higher than the previous one. The limited difference in height results in shorter ramps. One-way traffic and driving loops are often combined.

Design of an above-ground car park
The design of an above-ground parking garage can be determined according to your own wishes and budget. From a basic parking garage to a very beautiful building. Variations in shapes, materials and colours are possible. The application of, for example, green facades, the integration of solar panels and the application of architectural lighting are all possible.