A temporary parking garage can be an interesting solution in various situations. For example, organisations may have to deal with a temporary parking problem when a new building is constructed and the current parking garage has to make way for it. EZ Park has a suitable solution for such issues. In addition to permanent solutions, it is also possible to build temporary car parks. These parking garages are demountable and modular, making them easy to set up and dismantle. In this way, the parking garages can easily be removed and moved.

Why choose a temporary parking garage?
A temporary parking garage has a number of major advantages. For example, the construction time is short, while a very comfortable parking garage is being built. The size and type of car park can also be handled flexibly, because the car parks are modular. For this reason, they can also be expanded easily. Sustainability plays an important role, both in terms of material and the reusability of the parking garage. Finally, the costs are relatively low and the residual value of a temporary car park is interesting.

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