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A sustainable parking garage with solar panels

A future-proof, sustainable parking garage not only serves to store cars, but can also be used as an energy station. The energy generated can be supplied to cars via charging stations to stimulate electric driving. This can also be used to heat and illuminate the parking garage and the associated (residential) building. This way of building is not only interesting to achieve your sustainability goals or to contribute to a positive image, but it is also financially attractive. This is because the construction costs of the parking garage are partly recouped by exploiting the energy yields or saving on your energy bill!

Solar panels on the parking garage

We can realize the energy station by integrating solar panels in the facade or applying them on the roof. Depending on the orientation, urban context and type of parking garage, an optimal application for your situation is considered. An additional advantage of solar panels, especially on the roof, is the protection of cars against heating, bright sunlight and precipitation.

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