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Building a parking garage could be cheaper?

We regularly speak to companies and governments that are unaware of the costs of developing a parking garage. The large consultancies often use key figures that are sometimes outdated. Key figures from 10 k - 12.5 k, or more are sometimes mentioned. Such key figures are often the reason that a development or operation stagnates or is not considered at all. But are these numbers still correct?

Due to the modular and efficient construction method, EZ Park has a unique system in which you build a beautiful garage for almost half of the aforementioned key figures. Of course, the cost price depends on several factors, but if the cost price is estimated to be 50% too high in advance, business cases will go wrong.

"are the key figures used for calculations still correct?"

Involve EZ Park in your consideration when developing a parking garage or your parking issue. EZ Park can check in advance whether the development is a feasible business case.

Temporary parking garage

Temporary construction is also one of EZ Park's solutions. If your area is under development, a temporary parking garage can offer a solution. A temporary parking garage can be realized quickly, is cost-effective, can be expanded and can even be taken to a new location. The parking garage at Strijp-S is a good example of this. The parking garage is intended as a temporary solution. The creative city district Strijp-S is under development and remains flexible in its layout, while offering ample parking. The four-level parking garage can, if desired, be expanded to increase the parking capacity.