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Demountable parking garage Strijp-S in Eindhoven gets 3rd life!

At EZ Park we attach great importance to circularity and sustainability. We are not only developing as a specialist in above-ground car parks, but also as a sustainable and socially responsible organization. For this we use a policy vision and we treat people, environment, energy and raw materials responsibly!

Modular and demountable parking garages

EZ Park car parks are demountable and modular. The reuse and / or recycling of a garage in whole or in part is possible. The extension or extension is also easy to realize. EZ Park car parks can be built sustainably and with a fast turnaround time, but can also be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere. This ensures that we are flexible and can implement changes in situations quickly, which should be necessary for parking facilities. With this we stimulate and support our vision on sustainability and the circular economy as much as possible!

EZ Park supports the circular economy

At that time we bought a parking garage, originally from Utrecht. We then completely disassembled the garage and rebuilt it elsewhere. We gave this garage a second life on the old Philips site known as Strijp-S in Eindhoven, where it served as a temporary parking facility for some time. But this time, too, a new destination is coming for the garage. The parking garage is again completely disassembled to be built up elsewhere in the Netherlands and will be provided with a third life! A nice circular point of view. The parking garage, located next to the clock building, will make way for a new building for living, working and offices. In this way we stimulate the circular economy by showing what the possibilities are and we continue to implement our vision for flexible parking garages! We are currently dismantling the parking garage, but we do not yet know where our client would like to have it replaced. Do you want to know more? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

Temporary parking garage

The former four-level parking garage on the Strijp-S site was intended as a temporary solution. It had 450 parking spaces and was built up in approximately 3 months. As has been said before, this parking garage served its second life in Eindhoven, where it previously functioned as a parking garage for a hospital. By placing this parking garage there at the time, the urban district under development remaind flexible in its layout, while at the same time sufficient parking space was offered, with possible options for both in- and expansion. A sustainable and financially attractive solution given by EZ Park, characteristic of our demountable parking spaces.