Back to overview 08 juli 2016

Gray parking bays become safe, beautiful and comfortable

The parking garage is an indispensable part of urban areas and in companies and business parks. With our increasing mobility, the need for safe parking is increasing. The current parking facilities will be adapted, renovated and expanded where possible.

Not only do we want more parking space, but the requirements are also increasing. Requirements in the field of safe parking, spacious and illuminated parking spaces, and especially well-ventilated spaces are important. Above-ground parking garages are gaining in popularity and that's a good thing, otherwise parking would become completely prohibitive.

The old gray parking booths are transformed to the aesthetics, safety and sustainability that belongs to this time, with beautiful green facades or as an integral part of a building or its environment.

EZ Park follows these developments closely and adapts its modular construction accordingly. Curious, we would like to discuss this with you to find out what is the most ideal solution for you.