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How does frost affect the construction of a parking garage?

Winter is upon us, which often means frost. It may be that this causes a stagnation in the construction of a parking garage. In principle, during the construction of a parking garage, we only have stagnation during frost for hull and foundation. It is then not possible to pour concrete, to pour seams with mortar or to pour columns. These activities are necessary for the stability of the steel hull.

What about stagnation in rainy weather?

We do experience nuisance from rain, but it does not slow us down because we can solve this with facilities. Consider, for example, the installation of dewatering for the realization of the ground level, or the use of a slurry pump for pumping out water.

What is the ideal time to start building a parking garage?

It is best to plan the realization in such a way that we are phasing out in the period March - September / October. In this phase many weather-dependent operations take place, such as lining, painting and gluing pig backs. These are activities that cannot go ahead in both frost and rain.