Back to overview 27 maart 2018

New project: parking garage Logistic Depot DPD

A 3-storey car park has been developed for parcel delivery service DPD, where both the distribution buses and the passenger cars of the staff can be safely stored. The ground floor is with a gross height of 4.3 meters higher than the standard EZ-Park system, so that there is room for 48 distribution buses. The floors are equipped with a standard height of 2.9 meters.

Column distances of 10 meters have been maintained, so that the distribution buses have sufficient room for maneuver. An adjacent wide ramp leads up the passenger cars and the space under the ramp is used as a bicycle shed.

In a vertical anthracite volume next to the parking garage, the main staircase with lift and several facilities spaces are located. An industrial steel bridge connects the main stairwell with the large glass curtain wall leading to the offices and ultimately the depot. The facades are made of standard bar fencing, occasionally covered with climbing plants. Below is an impression of the parking garage.