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Sustainability and personalization of a parking garage

EZ Park continues to innovate and experiment. Last week we were talking to a customer about sustainability and the appearance of a parking garage. In this article inspiration about how it can be done.

For many companies, the parking garage functions as a "reception hall". The entrance where employees and visitors enter and leave the company. Why is it not seen as the 'calling card'?

A parking garage does not have to be boring and gray. Personalization can be applied in a very simple way. For VanderLande in Veghel, we have made the recognizable house style color orange part of the construction. Viewproject.

parkeergarage-vanderlande-huisstijl-toegepast  parkeergarage-vanderlande-huisstijl-toegepast-detail 


Parking garages can also become a model of sustainability. For example, by means of electrical signposts that lead car drivers to a free place without detours or by installing LED lighting. But new functions can also be assigned to a parking garage, such as a nursery garden or a vertical green wall that is sound-absorbing.

A special overgrown parking garage on the high-tech campus of Eindhoven

Roof Garden Arnhem

In Arnhem, on the seventh floor of a parking garage, the roof has been set up as a meeting place with a unique view of the city. Bar, hot tub, stoves, toilets, vegetable gardens with herbs, solar panels - to be self-sufficient -, fruit trees for urban agriculture and shelters for safe shelter, with a chicken coop. With the Roof Garden, the initiators want to offer a hotspot for young and creative entrepreneurs, a stage where the best local initiatives come together.