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Chain cooperation

"For EZ Park, chain cooperation is not a hip term, but an awareness of the right to exist now, but especially in the future."

EZ Park has unique modular parking systems, which are continuously developed and built in accordance with the principle of chain collaboration.

Chain cooperation: a cooperation between different links (companies) in the same chain.

This working method is a win-win situation for both the chain players themselves and the client. A more efficient construction process, better quality and lower costs. In the end, it is not higher mathematics. Each link must connect well and strengthen each other. Some advantages for a chain collaboration in construction:

  • Calculation is done in collaboration with chain partners, so that time and calculation errors are minimized.
  • Optimal planning of all parts of the construction coordinated with the involved partners.
  • Attention to improvement.
  • Good occupation and daily production.
  • Faster production.
  • Short lines and fast switching.
  • Coordinate transport with parties so that there are no / as few transport movements as possible, with all the consequences this entails (money, CO2, space, etc.).
  • More chance of innovation through knowledge exchange.
  • Going for safety together.
  • More responsibility in the workplace.
  • Evaluation and further development.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
Would you like more information about efficient collaboration or sparring with our chain partners? Then contact us.