Back to overview 25 augustus 2020

Final touches to the Vanderlande parking garage, Veghel

After the construction of the last extension of parking, P3, at Vanderlande in Veghel, the work has now been finalized. This latest expansion makes room for 381 extra parking spaces! By means of a bridge connection on the 2nd floor, this new parking facility connects to the P1 already built in 2017. (or P2? Harm says 1, but in the picture it is 2?)

In order to make optimal use of the area to be built on, the space under P3 of the Vanderlande parking garage will serve as an industrial hall / storage. Together with our colleague company TH Beton, we have recently provided it with a sleek, monolithic finished concrete floor and the finishing touches are also being put on this third extension, looking forward to a nice delivery!

We always build your above-ground parking garage that can be dismantled, flexible and expandable and we have a tailor-made answer for every parking issue, as you can see through our collaboration with fellow company TH Beton.