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Manage parking data with EZ Park App

How can you collect and use parking data as a tool to manage a parking location more efficiently? How can you better align the parking process with the parking person?

Collecting parking data is the key to better insight. EZ Park has developed a new App for this.


The information is there for the taking, but what do we actually do with it? An enormous amount of data is generated throughout the parking process. Think of payments, parking behavior, occupancy, etc. All this data is known, it is a matter of collecting this data and of course analyzing it properly.

EZ Park App

EZ Park is developing an app to monitor the data and management of a parking garage. This app is a digital dashboard of all developments of the parking garage. The following data can be viewed with the App:
  • Capacity and occupancy
  • Current availability
  • Reserve places for visitors
  • Traffic flows and behavior
  • License plate recognition
  • Monthly reports
  • Maintenance and notifications from users
  • Safety and calamities

How do we use parking data?

By analyzing all the data we collect in the EZ Park App, we can provide our clients with tailor-made advice regarding locations, capacity and functionalities. With the EZ Park App you as a company or owner of a parking garage have the opportunity to realize optimal exploitation with the output.

Want to know more about using parking data or the EZ Park App? Please contact us.

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