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Parking fees are no longer a dairy cow for municipalities

Where in recent years a lot of money has been made from parking, many municipalities now have to add money. it is no longer a 'dairy cow'. For some municipalities, parking is still a gold mine.

For years, parking fees were a significant source of income for municipalities, but it is no longer a 'dairy cow'. Hengelo, for example, is in danger of running into a deficit of 2 million euros this year. Two out of three municipalities collect less parking money than was budgeted and in many municipalities parking has even become a loss.

Some municipalities see a decline in income as a reason to increase rates. In this way they hope to maintain their budget. But the parking fees are in many cases already too high.

Retail Netherlands thinks that municipalities can therefore only do one thing: '' significantly reduce parking fees ''.

"Consumers want to pay a fair price and per minute," said a spokeswoman. "It turns out again that the government cannot raise the rates indefinitely. The limit has now been reached and you can also see that in the behavior of consumers who buy more online or take the bicycle to reach the city center. ''

Parking remains an engine of the urban economy. Would you like to know more about what EZ Park, the specialist in parking garages, thinks about this?
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