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Parking garage in a natural setting

Parking garages are often associated with an urban context. Logical, because where many people live close together, a compact parking solution is often necessary. Nevertheless, there are situations in which the sphere of influence of nature or the landscape plays a more important role. Think of parking facilities at zoos, amusement parks, campuses and the beach. A combination of building and landscape is essential in this. Together with an architect, we come up with creative solutions to shape this integration.

Brainport Industries Campus

An example of this integration is parkeergarage voor Brainport Industries Campus. BIC is a new work and recreation environment where Eindhoven's manufacturing industry is currently establishing itself. The campus is located in the southeastern corner of the Het Groene Woud national landscape and has a mainly green character. In order not to disturb the image of the landscape, the parking facility is projected in a forest. Surrounded by mature trees, the main shape is hidden from view. Then wires for the facade are stretched, along which various climbing plants can grow. Over the years, the parking garage will become increasingly immersed in nature, a dynamic and ecological process.

Wageningen University & Research

Another integration of building and landscape is the parking garage for Wageningen University & Research. The building is located on a campus that connects to the Binnenveld cultural landscape and serves as a foraging area for various animal species. The buildings on the campus are mainly rectangular and located along linear structures. The design language of the parking garage is in line with this geometric design, but the materialization has been chosen to make a connection with the surrounding nature. A great diversity of facade vegetation provides food and shelter for different animal species. Buzzing bees, colorful butterflies and insectivorous birds enliven the facade and the cars are visually shielded by an alternation of plants and wooden slats.

More information about the possibilities of integratin a parking garage in a green setting? Then do not hesitatie to contact us!