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The difference between a public parking garage and a parking garage

There are different types of parking garages that meet certain standards. In this article, we explain the difference between a public parking garage and a parking garage.

Types of parking facilities NEN 2443

A standard has been established by NEN for various typologies of parking facilities. Three types have been identified based on practical use:

• parking garage

Parking facilities with a maximum of 80 spaces, which are exclusively intended for permanent users with a fixed space.


Parking garage at apartments on Strijp-S

• Non-public parking garage

Parking facilities for predominantly regular users (more than 80%) with roaming places. Facilities that will mainly occur at office locations.

• Public parking garage

Parking facilities for general use with few permanent users. The special category 'public intensive' has also been added. These are, for example, facilities in which each average place changes more than four times a day or facilities in which some of the customers use shopping trolleys, wheelchairs, luggage carts and the like.


Public parking garage at Eindhoven Airport

The difference between a parking garage and a parking garage is therefore mainly due to the fact that people in a parking garage mainly have people who are familiar with the situation and that the surface is relatively small. Parking garages are part of a municipality's entire traffic policy. Therefore, not only location and capacity, but also, for example, the average parking time are important in the design stage. Would you like more information about this? Then do not hesitate to contact us!