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The experience in parking garages

The experience in parking garages has greatly improved in recent years. Lots of light, bright colors and sometimes music. However, we still associate the smell with exhaust gases or urine.

Compliance with standards such as fire safety and functionality is of course a requirement. But what does that say about the experience of a parking garage? Or your sense of security.

Why is a pleasant smell important for a parking garage?

Parking garages often give people an unpleasant feeling. For an inexplicable reason, visitors in parking garages often feel unsafe or even 'rushed'. The main cause of this feeling is the typical smell of parking garages. The unpleasant smells of an enclosed space with exhaust fumes, oil absorbed in the floor and particulate matter, waste, et cetra.

These odors have a significant effect on our subconscious mind, which leads to people feeling unsafe in parking garages. In addition, the concrete walls and floors cause an echo, which also affects how we feel. Your customers hear their own footsteps, which makes them walk faster and feel increasingly unsafe. All because of the smells and the noises.
Spreading pleasant scents offers a solution.

Parking trends

We see in parking trends that more and more attention is being paid to the design and layout of public parking garages. The focus is mainly on preventing feelings of insecurity.

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