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The National Steel Prize 2020

The National Steel Prize is a Dutch prize with which the Bouwen met Staal foundation expresses appreciation for special steel projects. The National Steel Prize has existed since 1971 and is open to projects that are carried out entirely or partly in steel, both in the Netherlands and abroad, provided that two or more Dutch project partners are involved. On behalf of EZ Park, we have submitted two parking garages to the National Steel Prize and Sustainability Prize 2020. Each participating project is assessed on the following criteria:

  • Concept (design principles, creativity and inventiveness)
  • Context (integration of the steel structure in the environment and the relationship with other building components)
  • Method (material use, production method in design, execution & detailing, and process (corridor))
  • Performance (environmental impact, sustainability measures, maintenance limitation and possibilities for reuse / recycling)


DPD parking garage

The first submitted parking garage is the parking garage at DPD Westfields. Like every EZ Park concept, this parking garage is demountable, modular, flexible, circular and future-proof. Commissioned by the DPD parcel service, a parking garage has been realized in Oirschot that offers space for both distribution buses and passenger cars. The garage consists of three floors and has a footprint of approximately 3,600m2. In close cooperation with architect, constructor, contractor, user and parking specialists, the design and construction of the project was realized in a very short time.

View our submission here for more information about the DPD car park!

Nationale Staalprijs 2020

Parking garage Wageningen University & Research

Secondly, parking garage P1 of the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) campus has been submitted. It is a tailor-made parking solution, naturally built according to the modular concept of EZ Park. This green parking garage offers capacity for 454 parking spaces of 2.5 meters wide and meets the latest guidelines for parking facilities (NEN 2443).

Like our other parking garages, it is demountable, flexible, durable and future-proof. The expansion of the university's activities and the importance of preserving the green identity of the campus prompted the cluster of parking in the area. The parking garage is beautifully fitted into the landscape, with each facade enhancing biodiversity in that orientation.

View our submission here for more information about the parking garage P1 Wageningen University & Research!

Nationale Staalprijs 2020

Construction team with a fixed core

The entire parking garages consist of the same building system. Each element is designed as a separate part and can be joined, replaced or removed. This makes the concept future-proof and every parking garage is modular, flexible, durable and demountable. Extension and extension is easy to realize. By working in a construction team with a fixed core, among other things, not only is effective use of knowledge, time and money, but there is also one clear point of contact for the customer. Communication is fast, direct and can be easily switched. In this way we realize a financially attractive, sustainable parking solution to your liking in a short time.

In addition to our circular garage being built and durable, we take care of the use of materials, energy use and consumption during construction and use, the degree of nuisance for both humans and animals and we focus on innovations at product, concept and construction level.