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The possibilities for parking garages facades

 In addition to the basic solution of EZ Park, there are endless variations to give the parking garage the appearance that suits your environment, you as a user and / or the philosophy of the company. To achieve a unique, tailor-made total solution, we work together with a permanent architect who has experience with the construction system. In addition, you can choose from facade designs that have already been realized.


Standard facade for the EZ Park car parks

The EZ Park car parks are fitted with a galvanized steel bar fence on the floors as standard. This complies with the building decree, natural ventilation is possible and tight lines are created in the facade. As with the steel construction, galvanized steel was chosen for optimum weather protection, long service life, a lower environmental effect than with a paint system and the low-maintenance end result.



Wooden slats and vegetation

A powerful and sustainable facade has been created for Wageningen University & Research, which fits in with the philosophy of the campus. The irregular checkerboard of native vegetation and wooden slats is a synergy between ecology and architecture. The sleek slats of untreated Accoya wood are low maintenance and provide the building with a good flow of outside air. Planting on steel mesh reinforces biodiversity, but will also reduce traffic noise, bind particulate matter and produce oxygen.


Perforated steel sheet

The parking garage at Vanderlande Industries in Veghel is located on an industrial estate. The basic solution was chosen for the façade, which is out of sight, but in the facade the cars are hidden from view by a perforated aluminum point profile plate. Horizontal lines subtly refine the facade image. The open corners are painted in the orange company color and serve as orientation.


Masonry and polycarbonate

At Eindhoven Airport, visibility played an important role for parking garage P4. The main staircase has been designed as a beacon to allow visitors to the airport to find the parking garage at the end of the boulevard effortlessly. Graphite black masonry contrasts with summer and winter skies, and the 13-meter polycarbonate head tube draws attention in the evenings.


Masonry, stainless steel cable net, polycarbonate and solar panels

An elongated parking facility has been created for three residential blocks on Strijp-S that connects the buildings. In accordance with the urban plan, the residential blocks are designed as upright masonry volumes and the parking garage as horizontal masonry volume. Each facade was then approached from the influences from the environment. At the inner gardens of the residential blocks, the masonry is embellished with an architectural painting of masonry bandages. On the end walls, where the entrances are located, the facade has been cut open and provided with a floor-high stainless steel cable network, which allows the building to ventilate. The longitudinal facade, parallel to the train track, consists of a translucent projection screen, on which sound-controlled light effects attract the attention of fleeting passers-by. On top of the parking garage, solar panels provide shelter for the cars and energy is generated for the homes.



Vegetation along tension wire

A five-storey car park will be built on the new Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven in the ecological main structure of the Green Forest. In order to allow the parking garage to blend into its surroundings, stainless steel tension wires are stretched from top to bottom and covered with climbing plants. Above the main entrance for cars and pedestrians is a galvanized steel frame between which canvas is stretched. The campus can promote new developments here on a large screen.


Points of attention for facades for parking garages

Natural ventilation is important in the facade design of parking garages. Ventilating a parking garage is cheaper and more sustainable than mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is possible by covering only part of the facade, choosing materials with perforations or detailing in such a way that outside air can flow through the facade. Other facets that may be important in the facade design are the degree of transparency, visibility from the surroundings, vandal resistance, over-traceability and sustainability.

Would you like to know more about the existing possibilities for parking garage facades or are you looking for a tailor-made solution? Do not hesitate to contact us!