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This is how a parking garage is also safe in case of fire

A fire-safe parking garage means that the layout is clear, that visitors can easily find the escape routes and stairwells and that they can quickly leave the building in the event of a fire. The openness of the facades guarantees the removal of heat and smoke, so that the flight conditions remain favorable for a longer period of time. This also offers the fire brigade more opportunities to act.

As for the construction, it is ensured that it retains sufficient load-bearing capacity in the event of a fire and can withstand a scenario of several cars burning at the same time. The most modern calculation techniques are used to demonstrate this, taking into account the flammability of modern cars and, where applicable, also vans. The positions of the parking spaces relative to the steel construction parts play an important role in this. Where necessary, heavier steel profiles are used to withstand the harshest fire scenarios.