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Vacant parking garage by Corona? This is what you can do!

We currently live in an unprecedented world, in which we put the health and safety of all of us first. We stayed at home as much as possible, nevertheless tried to work where possible and complied with the measures given. In the meantime there have been relaxations, but they have not yet been resolved.

Although the emphasis is on health, the corona crisis is affecting each industry in its own way and business is suffering under it. We all have a job or a business to run. How's that for EZ Park?


Empty garages

Recently we have been experiencing a special situation because of the consequences of the corona crisis. What we are currently seeing is that the parking garages we have built are not or only moderately full. That is, of course, a gloomy sight. An empty parking garage, on the other hand, can also be seen as a motive to continue as well as possible and to keep an eye on surfaces where there is normally no time. With a full parking garage you want to offer the best service and make it as prosperous as possible for your visitors. An empty parking garage offers possibilities to provide the garage with maintenance, without inconvenience to users and / or packed cars.

We continue to build (safely)

Our construction orders continue and we observe the measures taken by the government. Of course, we do not close our eyes to the fact that a period may come when the stagnation that has already occurred in the application for permits and the final elaboration of plans will once again be reflected in our work stock. Our support has therefore also gone out to operators who operate garages in all busy places, for example airports, events and center locations.

What to do?

Although empty parking garages are not a pleasant sight to see, it also provides opportunities for a good maintenance! EZ Park is a supplier of garages and supplies turnkey parking garages to the ultimate user, real estate owner or operator. As a contractor, we are never involved in the operation of a garage, but we do know how we can furnish a garage as interesting and as good as possible for future use. We will also no longer be involved in maintenance and operation, we are still happy to think along with you. For example, think of:
  • Maintenance of doors (cleaning and painting)
  • Checking piglet bridges: are they all still fixed and straight?
  • Sweeping / blowing the parking decks clean
  • Cleaning drainage channels, pits, etc.
  • Spray the road markings, arrows, etc. again
  • Finally, checking the roofing, sealant, construction parts or the hinged and closing doors.
Make sure that your garage is in tip-top condition and that it comes out of this corona crisis better than before! Are there things we may have forgotten? Let us know what your best tip is!