DPD, Oirschot

For parcel service DPD, EZ Park has realized a parking garage where both distribution buses and passenger cars can be parked.

  • Customer
  • Capacity
    48 buses 233 cars
  • Duration
    5 months
  • System
    Garage type A
Distribution buses and passenger cars

Distribution buses and passenger cars

The parking garage has 3 floors to accommodate both distribution buses and passenger cars. This takes into account extra height and column spacings of 10 meters, so that the distribution buses have enough room for maneuver. The ramp ensures that the passenger cars are lifted. Below is a bicycle shed.

Stairwell and facades

Stairwell and facades

Next to the parking garage is the main stairwell with an elevator and a number of facilities spaces. The main stairwell is connected by an industrial steel bridge to the glass curtain wall that leads to the offices and ultimately the depot. The facades are made of standard bars, which are occasionally overgrown with climbing plants.

“We at EZ Park are specialized in quickly building above-ground car parks and always think along with our clients.”


2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar
2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar