Eindhoven Airport - EZ Park

New parking garage for long term parking at Eindhoven Airport. The garage is an example of the innovative concept of EZ Park and is modularly expandable.

  • Customer
    Eindhoven Airport
  • Capacity
    1.760 parking spaces
  • Duration of construction
    6 months
  • System
    Garage type B
Parking comfort for travellers

Parking comfort for travellers

In order to meet the increasing parking demand, a five-storey car park has been built at Eindhoven Airport. The garage has a socially safe indoor climate and natural ventilation. The well thought-out logistics make fast traffic management possible for motorists and pedestrians.

EZ Park continues to innovate

EZ Park continues to innovate

After completion, we will work with Eindhoven Airport on managing and maintaining the car park. An example of this is the application of sustainable LED lighting. Our involvement enables us to continue advising on innovations.

“The entire construction, with the exception of the foundation, is built up in 36 work days.”

Eindhoven Airport 2 Photos
Eindhoven Airport 2 Photos