Strijp-S, Eindhoven

A four-level parking garage for temporary use has been realized next to the clock building on the Strijp-S site in Eindhoven, located on the track.

  • Customer
    Park Strijp Beheer
  • Capacity
    450 parking spaces
  • Duration of construction
    3 months
  • System
    Garage type A
Temporary parking garage

Temporary parking garage

The parking garage is intended as a temporary solution. The creative city district Strijp-S is under development and remains flexible in its layout, while offering ample parking. The four-level parking garage can, if desired, be expanded to increase the parking capacity.

Sustainability through reuse

Sustainability through reuse

This former hospital parking garage from Nieuwegein is an example of a rebuilt parking garage that has been almost completely rebuilt in Eindhoven. A sustainable and financially attractive solution. This is characteristic of the demountable parking garages of EZ Park.

“A temporary parking garage that suits the environment, the location and the parking needs.”


2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar
2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar