Van Rooi Meat, Helmond

EZ Park has built the new parking garage for the employees of Van Rooi Meat in Helmond. The parking garage consists of four floors and even accommodates eighteen trucks on the ground floor.

  • Customer
    Van Rooi Meat
  • Capacity
    426 parking spaces
  • Duration of construction
    4 months
  • System
    Garage type A and C
Parking garage, for trucks as well

Parking garage, for trucks as well

We can adapt our modular parking garages to the parking needs of our customers. For Van Rooi Meat we have elevated the first layer, giving eighteen trucks parking space on the ground floor of the parking garage. The smart application of the various types of parking saves space.

“A tailor-made solution for a specific parking need.”

2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar
2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar