Vanderlande, Veghel

We have realized the new five-storey car park on the existing Vanderlande parking lot. This has created space for the new office of Vanderlande.

  • Customer
  • Capacity
    576 parking spaces
  • Duration of construction
    4 months
  • System
    Garage type C
EZ Park creates space

EZ Park creates space

By realizing a new 5-storey parking garage on the existing asphalt parking lot, space will be created for the new Vanderlande office building of 20,000 m2 on its own grounds. EZ Park creates space for its clients.

Personalized parking garage

Personalized parking garage

The parking garage is equipped with a beautiful facade finish. The stairwells are finished in the corporate color of Vanderlande, orange, so we also offer possibilities for personalization.

“The parking garage of Vanderlande uses sustainable LED lighting and saves energy!”


2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar
2 afbeeldingen naast elkaar